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Glance Lash Academy has 3 financing options for students to enroll. 


We are partners with Affirm & Sweet Pay both companies are great  and both offer low payments. We encourage you to apply with both as it will not hurt your credit to see what option is best for you. 

With Affirm you checkout and apply directly chose your payment plan and they will process the payment. 

With Sweet Pay the link will take your to our partner site where you will select the  loan amount of $5,000.00  then apply and they will search the best bank to finance your tuition. 

If you want to pay directly to Glance Lash Academy please see the in-house payment plan. 

For Affirm click on the checkout & apply with Affirm button

Step 1. Will ask  details email, name & phone number 

Step 2. Choose payment method click on Affirm 

Step 3. Your address then click pay now 

Step 4. It will take you to the Affirm website where you will confirm your identity 

Step 5. The application process 

Step 6. Choose your payment plan have your bank routing and account number ready you 

will need it so Affirm can withdraw your payments 

Step 7. You will get a transaction ID & a email confirmation 

Step 8. Please call us back let us know you were approved and confirm your desired start date.


For Sweet Pay Please click APPLY NOW  on the tab below to begin the loan application.

When applying please be sure to request the loan amount of $5,000. After submitting the application you will receive an email informing you if you have qualified. The email will prompt you with instructions on how to move forward.  




If you are interested in a zero interest payment plan where you make your payments directly to

Glance Lash Academy during the course period please

call or text 817-343-7600 or email 

and ask how this payment plan can work for you.



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